I’m writing this from 33,071 feet in the air at a swift 478 MPH. I’m traveling from Boston, MA to Austin, TX to attend the seanwes conference and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am.

Disclaimer: This post isn’t about lettering. However, I’m very confident that the result of the conference I’m about to attend is going to shape the direction of my work as well as the content I produce from now on. I’m at a pivotal moment in my efforts. For that reason, I want to share my thoughts and experiences intimately in hopes that they can inspire others.

Where I Stand Now

For over three years now, I’ve dedicated all of my free time to lettering. I’ve studied new styles, experimented with countless tools, published tutorials and blog posts, and taken on client work.

I’ve done all of this on top of my day job as a web developer. Surprisingly enough, there is a substantial amount of crossover between the two endeavors and often enough, the learnings I gain in one aspect can apply to the other.

I could spend forever talking about how much these experiences have helped me grow personally and in my career, but I’m more interested in what the future holds. What am I going to do in the next year to continue this rate of growth?

My foundation is in place for the next big thing. I have many ideas of what that could potentially consist of, but what will actually come next is more unclear than ever.

I need to determine what serves me the most, and focus on it 10X.

So What’s so Special About This Conference?

I go to a fair amount of conferences and I’ve never had a bad experience. However, this conference is going to be worlds better than any experience I’ve ever had because each attendee is a member of the same online community.

The seanwes community is a group of people that think alike and share the same drive; building and growing an audience-driven business doing they love.

I became inspired by the podcast and various other pieces of content coming from seanwes and finally decided to invest in my future by enrolling as a member. It’s been nearly a year and the amount of value that I’ve received from the community is unfathomable. In fact, it was the motivation from the community that finally drove me to create my blog and newsletter.

Surrounding myself with likeminded people that challenge me is the best thing I could have done for myself. I’m having the most productive year of my life.

This Conference Will Be a Gamechanger

That’s the mentality that I’m carrying into this trip.

The recent lack of clarity I’ve been feeling about the future is very similar to the lack of clarity I was experiencing just prior to joining the community. It just so happens that the first annual conference is here just in time!

I’ve already had many impactful online conversations with fellow community members. There is no doubt that I am going to have many more at this conference. I’m excited to hear other people’s stories and draw inspiration from them. And I’m excited to share mine.

The amount of value that is going to be exchanged at this conference will be immeasurable and I cannot wait to share my experiences with you.

Here’s to the future!