I’m excited to announce the launch of my latest product — an extensive set of calligraffiti brushes for the Procreate iPad Pro app! For the past several months, I’ve been building and refining a versatile set of brushes that enable you to create expressive blackletter-inspired calligraffiti.

When you search for Procreate brushes, you won’t find any shortage of options. However, because of the chiseled nature of blackletter, there aren’t a ton of options in the blackletter realm. I purchased many sets from various online marketplaces and they were adequate — but I was after something better. The problem was that something better didn’t actually exist. This is what inspired me to create my first brush set: Blackletter Professional Procreate Brushes. These brushes have been a hit for hundreds of digital calligraphy artists. I use them every time I work with blackletter in Procreate.

This past year, I have become enamored by calligraffiti — a blend of abstract calligraphy fused with modern street art. If you follow my work at all, you’ve certainly seen a fair amount of my pieces. However, recreating this style in Procreate was incredibly difficult due to technological restraints. Unlike a paper that we can draw on from any angle we desire, the iPad only has 90º orientations. This makes circular calligrams impossible (until now!).

I was determined to find a way to create calligraffiti-style compositions on the iPad and I’m excited to share the results!

What’s Inside?

This new calligraffiti brush-set is loaded with a total 27 unique brushes as well as a circular calligram template.

Solid and Textural Angled Brushes

Use 6 unique types of chiseled brushes at a variety of angles to create calligraffiti compositions like this:

Abstract calligraffiti composition using Procreate brushes

I’ve spent many hours studying patterns and methodology when it comes to constructing compositions like this in my own work as well as the work of other artists. I’ve found the most common strokes are typically broken down to a mix of the following angles:

  • 10º
  • 45º
  • 90º
  • 135º
  • 175º

This brush set includes each of these angles in 2 variations. A solid chisel and a textured, pressure-sensitive chisel.

Vertical Procreate brushes
Horizontal Procreate brushes

The solid variations of these angles are great for creating bold thick strokes whereas the textured, pressure-sensitive versions are perfect for scenarios where you would want something a little more gestural and expressive.

Grunge Textures

Add depth and character to your compositions with 6 different grunge brushes.

Vertical Procreate brushes

These brushes can be used to create rough-looking background textures as well as layered splatters on top of the compositions. Alternatively, they can be used reductively as an eraser to give subsequent layers a worn, weathered look.

Grunge calligraffiti composition in Procreate

Circular Calligram System

I saved the best part for last. Perhaps you’ve thought about how nice it would be to create circular calligrams in Procreate only to recall the fact that your brush direction is limited to the two 90º orientations of the iPad. Using the new calligram system I’ve developed in conjunction with the iPads orientation, you can now create all the circular compositions you want! See it in action:

Grunge calligraffiti composition in Procreate

Start by importing the calligram template image into your Procreate canvas and then resize/re-orient it to your liking. You’ll notice the circular template contains slices, each containing the letter A, B, C, or D. Using the Calligram A brush, fill in the A slice with your work. When you get to the vertical edge of the slice between A and B, switch to the Calligram B brush. Continue this until you’ve filled up slices A, B, C, and D with their corresponding calligram brushes.

Next, rotate your iPad 90º (ensure your orientation lock setting is inactive). The Procreate interface will rotate but your canvas will not. Switch back to the Calligram A brush in fill in the next slice labeled A. Repeat these steps until your circle is full!

Circular calligram Procreate brushes

Each calligram brush comes in both a solid chisel and a textured, pressure-sensitive chisel.


If you like what you see, it’s available right now.

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