The #52Letters Alphabet Challenge

Calling all calligraphy and lettering artists!

What better way to bring your skills to the next level than with a hardcore, in-depth challenge? In an effort to foster creativity, practice, and community, I’ve decided to pursue a new weekly challenge that spans an entire year. And you’re invited to join.

The rules are simple! Here’s the deal:

  • One letter a week for 52 weeks (the whole year)
  • Weeks 1 through 26: lowercase a through z
  • Weeks 27 through 52: uppercase A through Z
  • Share your progress online with the hashtag #52letters

The ultimate goal is to devote extreme focus to one letterform at a time. Explore its intricacies, spacial relationships, nuances, and inifinite variations. By the end of the year, you’ll have spent so much time intimately familiarizing yourself with each letter, you’ll be an alphabet master with the ability to to develop your own signature alphabet.

Calligraphy and lettering is a discipline that requires countless hours of practice. Make that time count with this deliberate learning challenge.

The challenge begins on January 1st, 2018 but you can start at any time, or jump in!

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