Artist Spotlight: Azulezx

Welcome to another artist spotlight! I’m seriously having a blast with these. I absolutely love having the opportunity to get a glimpse into the lives of these amazing artists. I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I am. Today I would like to introduce you to Azulezx.

Azulezx (@azulezx)

Azulezx is a mysterious artist from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m not entirely sure how or when I first came across her work on Instagram, but every time she posts, I find myself hypnotized for moments on end trying to wrap my head around her compositions. They’re just as minimal as they are complex. As a calligraffiti artist who works in very few colors, her signature style really stands out.

Portrait of Azulezx

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me! Would you mind speaking about your background and how you got into art and calligraffiti? How long have you been creating?

I started Calligraffiti around 2 years ago when I had my gap year after dropping out of an Architecture school.

I spotted Calligraffiti through Pinterest, my first touch of calligraffiti was as easy as that! I saw the work and immediately got very inspired, so I went for it!

Large mural by Azulezx

Work by Azulezx

Where are you located and what is the art scene line there? Are you close with other creatives that help drive your creativity?

I’m currently located in Bangkok for my studies. Bangkok is actually a very lively and creative city. There are a lot of cool affordable workshops and daily/weekly art events that people can attend and explore a glimpse of the art world. The charm of Bangkok is its diversity of people, styles, cultures and trends.

Large mural by Azulezx

Work by Azulezx

I’m very close to a lot of creatives, either calligraffiti artists like myself or artists or designers, I’m a hunter of interesting collaborations so I always ask for opportunity to collaborate with people. These people sure drive my creativity — I would say they are my important source of creativity!

Your geometrical calligraffiti work is incredible. What inspired you to begin pursuing this style? I’ve never seen anything like it!

Around a year ago, I was very bored of the calligraffiti work I did, so I tried to come up with something incredibly new by starting to ‘reject’ the parallel pen’s unique lines (I use straight lines instead!) and some aspect of architectural elements and Suprematism’s composition. I named this geometrical calligraphy style ‘Compostism’. The fun aspect about Compostism is I have never used the same letter twice, which means all the letters are brand new, no repetition! It looks abstract but everything is based on letters.

Stairway mural by Azulezx

Work by Azulezx
Canvas mural by Azulezx

Canvas by Azulezx

It’s quite original. Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from for your compositions? What kind of tools do you like to use?

My inspiration comes from my architectural background. Here are my very simple equation of my original calligraphy idea:

Calligraphy + Architecture = Compostism.

About tools, I usually use different-size parallel pens or just black pigma pens.

Work by Azulezx

Work by Azulezx

What would you say is your favorite project that you’ve done?

My favorite project I have done so far is my first wall ‘Show me how brave you are’, it was a project I did with one of my calligraphy fellows.

'Show me how brave you area' by Azulezx

‘Show me how brave you area’ collaboration by Azulezx

The main idea of the project is to give out some glimpse of calligraffiti work to Thai people, since only small amount of calligraffiti artists are presented and not so many people know about calligraffiti.

Are you working on anything new at the moment? What can the world expect from the amazing Azulezx in the next year/couple years?

I’m trying to put my Compostism through another media/medium at the moment (away of being just a 2d work), I don’t know how things will go but hope it will turn out good!

If you had to give one piece of advice to an aspiring artist, what would it be?

My advice would be always push yourself to your limit, always break the rules (but first you must know the boundary of the rules), take risks and ask for opportunities!

Canvas by Azulezx

Mural by Azulezx

You can see more work by Azulezx on Instagram (@azulezx) and follow her on her Facebook.

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