Artist Spotlight: Dhellet

Welcome to my 11th artist spotlight this year! I absolutely love having the opportunity to get a glimpse into the lives of these amazing artists. I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I am. Today I would like to introduce you to Dhella (AKA Dhellet).

Dhellet (@dhellet)

Dhellet is an unbelievably talented street artist from Depok, Indonesia. I came across Dhellet’s work earlier this year and was blown-away by how sharp his work is (and not to mention the large scale in which he works!). Dhellet’s murals are breath-taking and it’s awesome to see how his background in graffiti has influenced his work.

Dhellet does not speak English, so this one is rather short. However, the brief back and forth that we did have was a pleasure and I’m pleased to share his incredible work!

Portrait of Dhellet

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me! Would you mind speaking about your background and how you got into art and calligraphy? It appears that you are also a very active street artist?

Thank you Jake for inviting me to be a part of your blog. My name is Dhella AKA Dhellet. I am from Depok, Indonesia. Yes, that’s right — I am an active street artist. I started back since 2006 by making graffiti on the city walls.

At the beginning of 2017, I made a different style; not only graffiti but also calligraphy. And now I enjoy calligraphy because I believe there are less street calligraphy artists in Indonesia — so I felt so different.

Mural by Dhellet

Where are you located and what is the art scene line there? Are you close with other creatives that help drive your creativity?

I live in Indonesia, which for one, has beautiful nature. I am involved in a street art scene because street art in my country is so wide. They encourage me to keep working and inspire me me to draw every week.

Mural by Dhellet

I’m a huge fan of your abstract calligraphy work. What inspired you to begin pursuing this style?

Thank you for loving my creation. I am so proud of it.

There is no inspiration — it is just spontaneity. I moved my style of graffiti to calligraphy and the goal is to make more money

I love the collaboration murals you’ve done! Whenever they pop up on Instagram, it’s very obvious their yours. You have quite the signature style. What would you say is your favorite project that you’ve done?

I do like all of the collaborations that I have done because I feel so much pleasure when working with all of my friends.

Collaboration Mural by Dhellet

It’s obvious that you’re familiar with a very diverse set of tools. Spray paint, chalk, markers, ink… what are your favorites?

There is no favorite because all people return to their daily needs. It’s all hobby and job.

Dhellet's Tools

What would you said are the most difficult aspects of being an aspiring calligraphy/street artist.

Patience and characteristics.

What can the world expect from you in the next year/couple years?

Now I am preparing some plans to go aboard. Maybe next year I can go and drawing in your country. 🙂

Let me know! If you had to give one piece of advice to an aspiring artist, what would it be?

Study hard and never give up because the goal is not the majority — the majority is the process.

You can follow Dhellet on Instagram via (@dhellet) and find him online at

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