My Professional Process

1. Pricing Policy

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My Pricing Policy

I do not charge hourly. Instead, I charge based on the worth of the project. That value will not be understood until the project goals have been clearly defined. Therefore, pricing will not be a part of discussion during our project discovery.

2. Getting Started

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Where to Begin?

There are a lot of important things to say about your brand, and communicating everything to ensure success can be difficult. To assist you in conveying every important aspect, I have crafted an extensive questionnaire. The information you provide here will aid in discovery and allow us to define rigid project goals.

I practice a certain degree of selectivity with the projects I take on. How passionate and understanding of your brand you are, as well as how much you are willing to trust me as a the creative professional are major variables in my decision-making process when taking on new work.

I evaluate every request carefully and if we are a good fit, I will respond via the email address provided to begin our in-depth discovery.

3. Defining Goals

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Positioning For Success

The success of your project will be defined by the goals we accomplish. Therefore, it is vital that we define a robust set of goals.

We both have important roles in the project lifecycle. You are the expert in your industry and you know your brand and audience better than anyone. The more information that you can provide about your brand, the better I will be equipped to provide effective solutions. As the designer, it is my responsibility to fully understand and respect project goals prior to execution. This set of goals will be the result of a transparent project discovery.

The key to a strong and healthy business relationship is communication, so open discussions and questions are always encouraged.

4. Estimate & Agreement

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Let's Get To Work

Once we have completed the discovery phase, I will provide you with an estimate that details all of the important aspects of the project including goals, pricing, process, timeline, and delivarables.

Once this estimate is signed and the initial deposit has been paid, the work begins!

5. Creative Process

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My Creative Process

My creative process is an iterative one that involves a lot of exploration and refinement. Throughout this phase, I am sketching, researching, and experimenting with different ideas in the interest of solving all of our project goals.

As a professional, I will not subject you to design decisions that involve picking options or directions. Every decision I make is deliberate and does not cater to my own preferences or the preferences of my client. The outcome is a truly unique and thoroughly thought-through solution.

Once I have defined a definitive direction, I execute digitally. This process requires a lot of meticulous revision and polish. In order to hammer out every flaw and inconsistency in the final digitization, I revisit the design over the course of days and sometimes weeks to make sure the final product is bulletproof.

6. Delivery & Usage

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Wrapping Up

Once I have completed the work, I will present you with an extensive presentation of the process that I took to arrive at the final outcome. This will detail at length all of the design decisions that were made and how they solve each project goal.

You will also be provided with a final invoice and upon payment, I will package the deliverables along with any applicable branding and usage guidelines.

From there, you will be able to unleash your brand new visual identity to the world!

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