Blackletter Procreate Learning Guide

Blackletter Procreate Learning Guide


After nearly a decade of practicing and teaching calligraphy (with a dedicated focus on flat pen hands like blackletter), I decided to give it a go in Procreate. I’ve spent more than a thousand hours of practice and experimentation in this powerful app and have released a number brush sets that have become toolbox staples for thousands of artists. And now I’m thrilled to announce the culmination of all my learning, teaching, and Procreate experimentation; The Blackletter Procreate Learning Guide.

While it includes brushes, it’s not just a brush set like other Procreate add-ons. It’s also a full-fledged instructional roadmap to teach you how to become proficient in the four fundamental blackletter hands; Textura, Rotunda, Bastarda, and Fraktur. If you’ve read my books or tutorials, you might be familiar with these hands. However, this instructional material features four new unique alphabets — all of which have been streamlined for easy execution with the Apple Pencil.

This Blackletter Procreate Learning Guide package includes the following items:

  • A high-resolution Procreate project project with:
    • 26 alphabet practice exercise layers (one for each letter). Each layer contains 8 individual letter exercises:
      • Minuscule (lowercase) and majuscule (uppercase) for the Textura hand.
      • Minuscule (lowercase) and majuscule (uppercase) for the Rotunda hand.
      • Minuscule (lowercase) and majuscule (uppercase) for the Bastarda hand.
      • Minuscule (lowercase) and majuscule (uppercase) for the Fraktur hand.
    • 4 quick-reference alphabet layers.
    • Blank practice sheet.
  • 6 powerful brushes, each configured to dynamically orient themselves based on the position of your Apple Pencil, which will allow you to execute the full spectrum of unique strokes that these alphabets are comprised of.
  • An in-depth, hour-long instructional video packed with valuable information, tips, tricks, and special techniques.

While calligraphy is traditionally done on paper, working digitally is infinitely more forgiving. After all, you can’t double-tap to undo a mistake on paper! However, the best part of using this digital workbook is that you can apply your learnings on paper! If you have an iPad an an Apple Pencil, there is literally no quicker way to learn blackletter calligraphy.

Upon checkout, you will be sent an email with a receipt and a download link to a ZIP file. Be sure to check your spam folder if you cannot find the email. For security purposes, downloadable files are distributed in a ZIP archive. Download the ZIP file to a computer (not all iPads can use ZIP files) and unzip it. Choose the appropriate files: if you have an iPad Pro, use the files in the “FOR IPAD PRO” folder, otherwise use the files in the “FOR NON-IPAD PRO” folder. An instructions document is provided to get you up and running!

Please note that this product is exclusively for Procreate on the iPad. Refunds will not be issued for mistaken purchases.

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