Calligraffiti Pro Procreate Brush Set

Calligraffiti Pro Procreate Brush Set


Procreate’s incredible technologies get better year after year and allow us to bring the organic nature of our analog art to the screen, along with all of the conveniences of working digitally. It’s way easier to “undo” a digital stroke than it is to erase a sopping paint brush or a spattering spraypaint flare. And while Procreate is an amazing digital medium to produce finished artwork, myself along with many artists I know use it to plan our work in a high-fidelity manner prior to pulling out a canvas or approaching a wall.

When it comes to calligraffiti (or any other form of abstract artwork); expression, variance, texture, and flow are all equally important. I’ve been working hard to develop the easiest and most flexible ways to replicate these qualities and characteristics within Procreate. This new Calligraffiti Pro Procreate Brush Set is the culmination of many months of experimentation and real-world use. It’s built using the latest and greatest capabilities that Procreate has to offer and it contains all of the brushes that I reach for when creating abstract work in Procreate.

Several years back, I released another Calligraffiti Procreate set and it still acts as a great foundation for building abstract work in Procreate (particularly calligrams). This set is not meant to replace that set. Instead, this set is for more advanced users who are comfortable with the freely-orienting nature of dynamic pressure-sensitive brushes. The textures and behavioral qualities of these brushes use Procreate’s new combined brush functionality and as a result, they are nuanced and powerful while offering a fantastic variety of organic depth that is guaranteed to bring unique life to your work.

The Calligraffiti Pro Procreate Brush Set includes:

  • 36 freely-orienting pressure-sensitive chisel brushes
  • 10 pressure-sensitive fineliner detail brushes
  • 5 dynamic-scaling hi-resolution layerable texture brushes
  • An importable circular calligram guide image

Upon checkout, you will be sent an email with a receipt and a download link to a ZIP file. Be sure to check your spam folder if you cannot find the email. For security purposes, downloadable files are distributed in a ZIP archive. Download the ZIP file to a computer (not all iPads can use ZIP files), unzip it, and transfer to your iPad using the provided instructions document in the unzipped folder.

Please note that this product is exclusively for Procreate on the iPad. Refunds will not be issued for mistaken purchases.

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