Handstyle Graffiti Procreate Brush Set

Handstyle Graffiti Procreate Brush Set


Ever since I first got my hands on Procreate, I’ve been committed to building the highest quality brush sets available for artists interested in calligraphy, graffiti and other forms of modern art. As you might know, there are not many brush options out there when it comes to this particular style. I’ve purchased many brush sets on the market to date and have studied what works and what does not to create my own extensive and all-encompassing brushes. I’ve found that most graffiti alternatives out there are un-customizable, unrealistic, low-resolution, and incredibly overpriced for what they are.

I’m excited to share my Handstyle Graffiti Procreate brush set with you! These brushes were built in the highest resolution possible to behave like real spray-paint, so I’m confident you’ll be satisfied with their realistic detail and behavior.

This set includes a total of 42 Procreate brushes, including:

  • 32 unique pressure-sensitive fat-cap spray-paint brushes, each with their own textures and spread patterns. These brushes are also highly customizable (see the section on “Usage” below).
  • 4 unique pressure-sensitive splatter brushes. Made from real paint splatters, these highly-flexible brushes are great for adding texture and depth to your work.
  • 6 unique pressure-sensitive paint drip brushes. These are great for small embellishments and finishing touches to tie your work together.

NOTE: Do NOT attempt to purchase and download from an iPad. iPads cannot support ZIP files, which is the only way these binary files can safely be distributed. Instead, download from a computer, extract the individual brush files, and then add them to your iPad via AirDrop, Dropbox, or iCloud. You will be presented with a download link upon checkout and will receive a confirmation email with a receipt and another download link for your references.

If you have any questions, feedback, or issues downloading, please contact me directly at yo@jakerainis.com and I will happily assist you.

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