"Wall of Noise " Calligraffiti Panel

24.5″x24.5″ acrylic ink on black wooden panel

They say even the best artists steal. I’m not sure if I would consider this stealing, but whenever someone is throwing away cheap IKEA furniture, I pull it out of the trash take the flat surfaces to use as canvases.

These wooden surfaces are fantastic for experimentation, which is just what “Wall of Noise” started as.

Detail shot of 'Wall of Noise' by Jake Rainis

I had just gotten a 3/4″ #6 automatic pen and I was anxious to work at a larger scale. Using Golden High-Flow Acryclic ink in “Titanium White”, I created a freehand abstract blackletter composition on a black wooden panel that had originally been part of mounted *wall* shelf.

To help reinforce the structure of this organic mass of abstract strokes, I applied a series of thin vertical lines as visual anchors.

Detail shot of 'Wall of Noise' by Jake Rainis
Detail shot of 'Wall of Noise' by Jake Rainis

As you can see in the detail shots, the automatic pen on a smooth wooden surface covered with scratches and dust allows the ink to flow in unique ways and create interesting textures.

After the initial composition was complete, I splattered golden iridescent ink from the same product line to add visual interest.

Detail shot of 'Wall of Noise' by Jake Rainis

Thanks IKEA!

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